August 24, 2012

Weekend DIY

Some simple projects to do over the weekend in your spare time :)

Sparkly Flower Vase

this idea is from here
Simply fill a glass vase with water and toss in some sequins or glitter to make this surreal look. Add a pretty flower and you now have a sparkly flower vase

Pencil Eraser Triangle Stamp

this idea is from here
Trace a triangle shape or any shape onto an pencil eraser and then cut it out using a scalpel. Use an ink pad to blot the eraser stamp with color and stamp it onto a surface.

Pandas Rock

this idea is from here
Need: 2 large rocks and 2 smaller rocks.
Paint one of the larger rocks as the body of the panda. You can follow the picture above or use your own model. Then the next medium/big rock, paint as the face. Give it two small white eyes surrounded by black patches a pink nose. Next paint the 2 small rocks black for the ears of the panda. Glue all the rocks together  to create a rock panda :)

Bird Nest Necklace

this idea is from here
Find instructions for this pretty DIY by clicking the link above!

Seashell Koalas

this idea is from here
Find instructions for this cute DIY by clicking the link above!

Crochet Owl Pattern

click here for the pattern

Baked Marbles

this idea is from here
Find some glass marbles and then bake them in an oven at 350 degrees. Once the marble is thoroughly cracked, you can make pendants out of them by following the instructions connected to the link or keep them as simple trinkets. 

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