August 2, 2012

Going into Fall...sort of

Hello folks, here are some items I put together on polyvore. I'm not really a fashionista .. but sometimes I find clothes I like and I try to put them together. Tell me what you think so I can do better (:
I love the sweater and the bright coral color is really pretty. I noticed I chose long sleeves and long pants....guess I'm starting to look towards fall... sigh. But the colors are still bright so I'm still sort of in summer! The bag even has both the tones of the sweater and pants! blue and corally pink~ the bracelet I think is pretty and sparkly. I found the bag and bracelet on pinterest so I'm not sure what they're called or what their price is. I know that the sweater is $150 though (i know, expensive, but its cute :) and the pants price is down below. Thanks for looking~

oh lala coral and blue

Zoe karssen long sleeve top

Skinny leg jeans
$31 -

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