August 2, 2012

How To: Write a Blog

How to write a better blog?? Honestly this question has been racking my brain for HOURS...I only started this blog yesterday and I've probably already searched "how to write a better blog" on google millions of times.. should I have told you this? Who knows, now you know I'm an extreme newbie at doing this and I search the internet for answers(: Well here's the result of my search to benefit the people like me who want to or have just started to write a blog~


This blog was started by Joanna Goddard five years ago, and I just love her blog. She has a whole lot of interesting things on it and even giveaways! Though it's more for mothers and older people, some of her crafts/diy posts i love. Yesterday she wrote a post about blogging as a career, because that's pretty much her entire income. It's amazing. There's a little tidbit about advice for growing a blog. It's a really long post but I actually read the entire thing! It's nice that she provided a glimpse into her life before she started blogging and also the present. What I learned from her is to just write from the heart about things that interest you and see where it goes from there. Check out her blog if you don't know her already! The link is in the title ^

How To Make My Blog . com

This website is sort of more for the serious blogger. Someone who wants to make a lot of revenue and get a lot of traffic on your blog. Though that's not really my goal, this website has a lot of tips on it! It's all about how to make a blog, how to improve your posts, etc etc. It was made by just another blogger wanting to tell people how to make a blog. It's definitely helpful so if you're just starting or want to start, I would go to this website for some tips from the expert (:

Here's a site that tells you 5 ways to find blog post ideas. If you're stuck on what to write about, this website could help. It doesn't give you direct ideas but ways to find ideas. Like forums, looking at the blog comment section of other blogs, etc. So if you need to write a first post or anything, look at this site! There's other tips and tidbits about blogging too.

Well this is the end to my beginners how to: write a blog. It was mainly just websites for some tips, but I hope it was of some help for those who want to start a blog! I only just started and even though my audience is pretty much only myself at the moment, it's still pretty fun (:

my buddy teddy blogger, Jo (:

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