August 2, 2012

My Top 5: Kpop songs

If you're korean, have a lot of korean friends, or just live in california (I'm jelly of you if you do) then you probably know about kpop. If you don't know about it then read the introduction...or my little rant below. Or, I think I recommend this, just skip over my little rant and go straight to the music!

my rant-like intro:
Yup, this is that music that we koreans are just crazy fanatic about...mostly not even because of the music...b/c of the MEN. Those feminine looking boys..but be careful, not all of them are feminine. Yeah I'm not guilty of fawning over boy groups and saving pictures of them or watching their music videos over and over again.. (well maybe a little..) but these boys are cute!! But what some non-koreans and haters don't get is why why WHY they look so feminine. Well let me say something, its just because of the CULTURE. If you can't live with it, don't listen to it. But honestly if you watch it after awhile I think it will grow on you. (: So don't hate on it right away! Give it a chance. You gave Lady Gaga a chance and she proved herself and so did a lot of other American singers (yes I still follow American music. to an extent.), so give these kpop groups some room~ some of them are actually really talented...and the dancing!! When you see these videos, you'll know they're somewhat awesome for their moves. 

Okay well here we go! The Top 5 Kpop Songs I'm totally liking on youtube and downloading on my ipod:

1. Action - NU'EST

This group is, in professional jargon, an Urban Electro band. Though you can still refer to it as kpop. It's a pretty new group, about a year, and the only reason I've been listening to them is because my brother recommended them to me. No my brother is not gay, he just thinks they're actually pretty good at singing and dancing at such unlike some of my favorites... Well I do love this song, it's catchy. But as will probably see, that one guy with the long blonde hair...FEMININE ALERT. I don't mind too much, but viewer be warned. o.- The dancing is AMAZING though. Admit it. And the costumes, makeup is really cool. Well if you haven't already, watch the video! And for those who just watched the video and aren't really reading this , I don't blame you. I probably wouldn't either. On to the next song!

2. Sexy Lady - Jang WooYoung - solo (member of 2PM)

Ah, sigh.Ok, this is Wooyoung, one of the members of the group 2PM (whom I would check out because...well you'll see :) Wooyoung is one of my favorites, he's one of the main singers and dancers for 2PM and he is extremely talented. Simply put, I am a fan :) This song is his first solo, second solo of the group (after leader Junsu's Alive) and it was pretty much a hit! The dancing is awesome again and the song is pretty catchy. I think I like Action by NU'EST a little better though...but I still love you Wooyoung!

3. No Mercy - B.A.P

B.A.P is one of those groups that koreans or people who know kpop go to if they don't like the whole pretty boy group trend. These guys are husky and total gangsters, which I mean in a good way :) I think they're really cool and their music is really tough sounding. This group is honestly the exact opposite of regular kpop. They mainly rap, they're not into that whole pretty boy thing (though they still have good skin. jelly), they barely actually sing, and well. They're just different. If you like this, I would recommend Big Bang, another group who is definitely unique and awesome. People who don't really like kpop in general like Big Bang so start from them! Their song, Fantastic Baby, is my favorite right now, it's the most recent I think so go search it on youtube. 

4. Believe - U-Kiss

Here are the pretty boys! I love U-Kiss, but sometimes the outfits, occasionally the dances, and the man-liner gets to me. Look at the past videos. You'll know what I mean. This group has gone through a lot of trouble...Lots of members leaving b/c of the company and new members coming in, they didn't get a very positive start in Korea when they first debuted but in Japan they're a hit (: I personally love the song 0330 by them (so go search it!)....but back to the actual song...This is a special edition song released in early June... that's all I can tell you. Maybe it's better to just skip through all my commentary..

5. Gangnam Style - PSY

HA. This song.. is just the randomest, funniest song I've ever heard. It's a guy, dancing in the randomest places, doing the randomest things, and has the randomest sets and props. I LOVE THIS SONG. I don't really know much about PSY..he's not really in mainstream kpop. I found out about him through which is a website you should go to. I'll give a brief description: They're a couple from Canada, at first English teachers who went to Korea but now full time vloggers, who make videos targeted to the people who want to know more about Korean culture. It's from the perspective of Simon and Martina who give their take on the weird, the beautiful, and the yummy of Korea, along with their two pets Spudgy (dog who is absolutely adorable) and Dr. Meemersworth (newest member, Scottish Fold Kitten. equally adorable ^^) I really like their videos, there are a lot of different kinds (Kpop Mondays, FAPFAP, etc. etc.) So if you want more information in a quirky funny way, go to eatyourkimchi :)

Hopefully you liked these songs and MVs! This is sort of like a mass mixture..There's a lot of different types of kpop up there. I hope if you didn't like kpop or didn't know about it, I gave you a nice impression of it. It's honestly not what everyone says it is, boys wearing makeup, completely autotuned, no talent (these are the haters speaking..) It's a unique kind of music that a country's culture has developed and is just another genre of music people love.
Come back for more kpop songs! I'll give you my next 5 favorites sometime in the future~~ thanks for reading this post :D 

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