August 13, 2012

Late Night Indulgences

Hi everyone! It's late, 1:02 am, but I can't go to sleep. My teeth kill because I put my retainer in for the first time in about two months, and I really should be tired because I was exhausted the entire day :P But I digress. Let's see...why have I decided to post something this late, or this early in the morning? Well, I've started to use which is a really great internet tool if you are extremely bored, or if you are like me, who just wastes time on the computer..It's like the gps of the internet: it takes you where you want to go and what you want to see :) I've found so many awesome websites through it! You simply mark your interests (I marked a lot of food, recipe, crafts, diy, etc so I'm getting a lot of amazing diys and recipes :) and the "stumbleupon" button takes you to websites that involve your interests! 
Well tonight, or I suppose this early early morning, I've found a really nice food/craft website tonight using stumbleupon and I thought I'd share. The pictures are almost food porn: the gooey chocolate-ness, yummy bread, cinnamon, sigh..I really want some chocolate right now. They're all delicious looking recipes, so if you got the time, go let your inner chef take over and get baking :)

2-min Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

original recipe here!
Literally a cookie in a bowl, late night snack if you will. It looks so good ^o^ As the website explains it, this recipe is perfect for those "I-need-a-cookie-right-now-or-I-die" moments. And all the "baking" pretty much takes place in a bowl!

Double Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies

recipe: click!
yumyum, they look so soft and chewy~ This recipe combines the double fudge cookie and the original chocolate chip cookie :) The best of the best all in one delicious cookie~ {original, original recipe here from howsweeteats}

Bowtie Cookies: Holiday Cookies!

I'm getting a little ahead of myself thinking of Christmas, but these would probably be perfect for the holidays! Just look how sweet and delicious they look. I'm pretty sure that's some jam inside there with powdered sugar sprinkled over it, it just looks so sweet. Definitely going down in my holiday recipe book. 

it IS jam!

Chocolate Pancake Cake

As the website claims, "this is a very healthy dessert with nearly no calories at all." ....true or not true? Oh, I read on and they say "okay, that's not true...but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?" Yes my friends, yes. That would be extremely awesome. 
Would you eat this for breakfast or desert though? It would be a sweet start to your day!

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

I'm guessing you know what to do by now..
SO DELICIOUS LOOKING. BREAD <3 The website calls it "a gift from heaven". It LOOKS like a gift from heaven, I bet it tastes even better. I like how it's not in perfect slices; perfect for just tearing at. Plus I think the unevenness adds texture when you eat it. When something is just crumbly and not perfect, it just tastes more delicious, you know? Maybe not. This is probably just confusing. If you make this though, tell me how it tastes! {and mail me some! :D}

5-min Chocolate Mug Cake

sparkles {click!}
Last recipe and last picture of deliciousness. This is probably the best idea ever. A cake in a mug. How innovative could it get? It's like the first recipe: all the baking takes place in a cup. How simple :) A lot of thought was put into this recipe by the maker so I think this is definitely a must do mug-cake. 

Well now that I've given you all the goodies, why not make some of them or just get a snack and watch a movie? It's not the weekend anymore and school may have already started for a lot of you, but maybe on the weekend for just one last time of fun before you get really into the books you can eat merrily and watch a good movie. What movie? This one:

First words you see, "A Great Movie.." and that is so true. I actually just watched this tonight with my brother and dad. It's old, 1999, but it was just so good! Sometimes I think some old movies are somehow better than the ones that come out today. These days producers and writers mainly come up with plot lines full of action in order to draw in a lot of audience, but back then, even the inspirational, "based-on-a-true-story" movies could be successful. October Sky is just really inspiring, especially for someone that has expectations placed upon them yet they want to do what makes them happy, and it's not what is expected. I'll give a brief summary: Homer Hickens (hopefully I spelled it write) lives in town where coal mining is pretty much everyone's occupation. It's a generally small town and everyone becomes a coal miner, except for the few that get out into the world with football scholarships to college. Homer's father is the town boss of the coal mining business and since his older brother received a scholarship, Homer is expected by his father to take to the mining business. Yet Homer wants something more out of his life. This movie takes place during the time when Russia launched Sputnik and the great outer space was beginning to be explored. Homer sees Sputnik race across the sky one night, and his life is changed forever. He now chases after the dream of making rockets to fly and ultimately go to college to perhaps go into space. But what hinders his dream are his father's expectations which expect Homer to stay in the small town and take over the business after his father. This is a truly inspiring story of a young boy chasing after his dream. The main message I got was to follow what you are passionate about and that will lead you to a career with something you love. I still have to find that passion and I hope I do someday soon. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. This is definitely a good movie to watch though! I highly recommend it :)

Okay everyone, good night! Time for me to finally go to sleep x) I leave you with the one message below & have a good rest of the week!

bye :)

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  1. hmmm, yummy! all look delicious! I wanna try all. hahaha

    love the last quote!
    "chocolate is the answer"