August 2, 2012

DIY: Macaron Coin Purse

These are the cutest things ever:
They're macaron coin purses, and I LOVE macarons    I don't think making these are that hard. If you're into sewing it should be fun to do. I'm going to try...maybe I can borrow one of my friend's mom's sewing machine. Let's see how much I fail (x
I found this craft from (link) where they have free patterns & tutorials! All the tools and materials are on there.

This is definitely going on my to make list, and this would be a cute gift for anyone x)
Try it out! 

~anotherDIY from choosehappiness


  1. yummy! yeah, it's hard..
    but, if we try, we can, right? hehe

    1. hopefully :) I'm hoping mine won't look like a glob and it will actually turn out all right x)