August 2, 2012

Watermelon Waffles

I absolutely love waffles. When we bought a waffle maker last year, i was ECSTATIC. It was so easy to make and so fast..I think we had a month's worth of waffles in a week~ they were so good! 

Well now, I'm looking for waffle recipes I can use the waffle maker for, and this site, the wilson world, gives an excellent recipe. It combines probably my two most favorite foods: watermelon and waffles ^^

creds to supermom on the wilson world !
You separate your pancake batter and dye one red and the other green with food coloring. Next you want to add in chocolate chips to the red batter. These will be the "seeds" :) Then spread the red batter over only the middle of the waffle maker then around the edge, pour some green batter. Follow whatever process your waffle maker requires to cook the waffle and wah-lah! Once its finished you'll have watermelon-looking waffles that you can eat like watermelon!

I want to try this with pancakes too~ Try this recipe out and check out supermom on  the wilson world (:


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