August 5, 2012

Making Totoro(s)

I was on my Pinterest today, looking for more things to pin, when I realized..I have a lot of making Totoro tutorials! I think I'm obsessed or something..But I've decided to make a spot for them on here :) Now they can all be together and I can maybe make all of them one day ^^

Totoro #1

This Totoro is a basic sewing & stitch pattern. You cut out the pieces from fabric or felt, there are even printable patterns to follow, and then you stitch them together! I think this Totoro will be really easy to make :) It's from cheek and stitch and guess what! She has other Totoro tutorials too :D

Totoro #2

For the crochet lovers out there, this is a pattern for you :) This pattern is from ravelry, which is pretty much a site where knitters, crafters, crocheters can share their patterns and crafts. There's two Totoros here! And the creator, Lucy Ravenscar has patterns for each of them! I don't know if the white one is exactly a Totoro...I guess you could call it a cousin? ~Crochet White Totoro (Cousin :) ~Crochet Blue Totoro

Totoro #3

More crochet patterns! This is Hello Kitty in a Totoro costume~ still very cute. I found this on etsy...but I think you have to buy the pattern. It's in PDF form and costs $6. So if you really think this is adorable and you have to make it, here is where you can go and spend your $6 :)

Totoro #4

The final Totoro buddy! This guy is a mini, as you can see compared to the finger. This is also from etsy and sadly there isn't a pattern again. You have to buy it already made for a whopping $30! So if you enamored by this cute little Totoro then here you go! The maker also has other mini crochet creatures too if you want to buy more :)

Sorry the last two didn't really have patterns. I guess we'll have to buy if we ever want them...But try making the first two! I think I'm going to try the first one because I have yet to learn how to crochet but I know how to sew really well because of my grandmother :) Have fun guys! If you have any other Totoro tutorials send them to me or comment the link below :)


  1. Hi! The hello kitty pattern is no longer available. Can you post it or sell it?

    1. Hi (: i actually never got to buy the pattern or make it so im sorry but i cant post or sell it :( im sure if you search for 'hello kitty totoro' something will show up :D