August 3, 2012

The Weekend is Finally Here!

Here are some recipes for the weekend!

Happy Bread~

its so pretty & yummy looking :)

This one is from the foodivakitchen blog. She has a lot of good recipes and they all look really good!
This recipe though, the happy bread, looks so pretty. Look at those swirls! How did she come up with this idea! I really want to try to make bread like this.. and then eat it x) Here's the recipe, it's toward the end of the page. Hope you enjoy making it and eating it if you get the chance!

Here's another recipe which be for breakfast tomorrow, or anytime really~

Cream Cheese Pancakes~

look at that syrup! & look at its fluffiness!!
Here's the recipe from I think the cream cheese addition makes the pancakes look fluffier, taste fluffier, and just melt in your mouth . I want to try it so badly!! After waffles, pancakes are my next favorite food ^^

This would be a great day to start off the day with~ even the baking process of it! It's definitely Saturday morning breakfast material x)

Thinking of the fluffiness of the pancakes made me think of this, from one of my favorite movies:

Despicable Me!! 

Ps. My parents are watching nbc news right now and two interesting facts I heard:
  1. Gabby Douglas's last name unscrambled : douglas = usa gold :)
  2. If Michael Phelps was a country, he would be tied with India for the most medals xD He's just amazing

Have a good weekend guys!!

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