August 2, 2012

DIY: Scrapbook of Letters

Stocked up in my room right now I have a big gift bag, the one used for really big presents, stuffed with letters, envelopes, notes, gift tags and etc. It's starting to become a hassle. Every year, especially during Christmas and my birthday, the collection grows bigger and bigger and right now its literally to the brim. I just couldn't throw them out! How can you throw out little pieces of your history with notes from your friends or holiday greetings from your late grandfather? So that's how my pack rat nature extended to keeping cards and notes. I'm such a big pack rat; heck, I even keep wrapping paper with snowmen on it if I think it's cute. Luckily I've found a solution (: I came across a pin on pinterest about putting letters together in a scrapbook and it led me to this website. They're all really good ideas for what to do with kept letters and cards, but I really like the scrapbook or journal idea. All you do is hole punch the postcards, letters, and greeting cards you get and you put them together in a mini ring binder! It's such a cute idea, and this is how, the website, did it:


It looks really cute and it would definitely help me ^^

Here are some of my ideas on it though:
For the covers you could probably use thick paper of maybe even cardboard, then attach some those ring things (forget what they're called). But also if you don't feel like getting all crafty with the cover, here's something from staples you can use. I recently got some stuff from staples for school (xP good lord. school) and even before now I always see this mini binder there. Every single time I pick it up, think it's the most adorable thing ever, say I need to get it, but I put it down and say next time. It hasn't happened yet, but maybe this can be an excuse to get it  now! 

staples mini binder with page dividers
Here's a picture of it~ You can't really get a good idea on the size though...I would just go to staples and look for it. It's pretty much in plain sight at the binder section and if you have been to Staples lately you probably know what I'm talking about (:

Hope you liked this diy of how to keep all your letters and cards in an organized way :D


  1. great idea ever!
    i've a lot letters, envelopes, notes, gift tags and etc since elementary school..
    so I'm going to make one like yours!
    thanks for share it Grace :)

    1. I haven't made mine yet but it's definitely a summer project :) I'll take a picture of mine when i make it and make a post. I really can't wait.
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. welcome Grace hehe..
      I enjoy reading your posts.

      so its a summer project, can't wait for your! share it if you done make it.