September 5, 2012

Toms and Bobs

I'm such a bad person! I've barely been writing any posts :( sorry about this guys.. Tomorrow I start school though and today I went to my school's transition day to promote our club to the freshmen :) It was fun, but my voice is hoarse from all the yelling x)

Anyways, I wanted to take some time to talk about shoes. Toms to be more exact and also Bobs. I'm sure you've all heard of Toms (those cute shoes that donate money to children for every pair) but have you guys heard of Bobs? Maybe they're an old thing, but I just found out about them online! I've been absolutely adoring Toms this summer, pinning them on my pinterest and such, but I don't have a single pair. So today I'll probably be going out to the mall with my mom to buy my first pair, possibly even two!

Bobs look almost exactly like Toms. I'm not sure what the exact differences are but Bobs have the little flap on the side that says "bobs" instead of "toms". obvious stuff ^oo^ (<--I made a new face! its a pig!!!!)

Oh you know what, I just found out that Bobs are actually from Sketchers who pretty much stole the design. Everything is the same, even the prices. Wow Sketchers, couldn't even be a little creative. Can you even see the differences?:

Honestly, besides the fact that Bobs says 'bobs' on the shoe, you couldn't really tell the difference.

I'm going to get Toms though, they are the ones who were creative enough to actually design the shoe. 

Something about these shoes just makes me love them <3. I think I'm going to get a gray pair, online they're $44 without shipping and at Nordstrom or Journeys I think has them, they're about $54 - $60. It really depends what kind of Toms you're getting. Classic, red, blue and gray, are $44. Here's some more of the background story and history of Toms :)

Have a good day!!