October 10, 2013

the student life + youtube discovery!

It's been about three months since my last post...all I can do is say sorry. My new goal is at least one post a month :) 

A lot has been happening since July (my last post). My last year of high school has begun but honestly I felt like it began before the first day of school in September. Why? Two words: College Applications.

Honestly, its not too stressful as long as you really take advantage of your time. But I do find myself at the bookstore a lot doing homework and writing essays. The essays are the most stressful part but also really rewarding. I finally finished a common app essay that I'm proud of. For those who are struggling through this journey with me, it's an essay for prompt four: 

Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you?

I wrote about Barnes and Noble and so far the feedback I've gotten (only from my mom, haha) has been good. But, for other people writing essays and looking for tips, one thing I have to say is don't let other people's opinions overrun your own. Find something you really want to write about, it can honestly be about anything, and write it in a way that you're proud of. The essay really is and should be an expression of yourself. When I initially showed my essays to my parents, their feedback was nice but then they started to get a little too involved. If you think your essays are a true expression of yourself, that's perfect. It's still going to take work, long hours of frustration (I can never spell this word right the first time) and rewriting. I probably scrapped about ten drafts of my common app essay until I wrote one I was proud of. Save your drafts though, because they may answer some supplemental essay or who knows, you might go back to them. 

If you're going through some major stress right now, here's a remedy. Drink some green tea with honey (my favorite tea), eat some ramen (did today. definitely comfort food), or watch some youtube videos! This leads me to my next segment. So while getting all the college mail, sometimes you find gold in the mass heap of junk. Pomona college sent me a brochure where they showcased some of their students. One of them, Albert Chang plays violin and makes videos of covers that he writes. His videos are really good quality, really creative, and his music is really good. His username is sleightlymusical. Here are some of my favorites:

Comment below about who you've recently discovered or love on youtube! I love finding talented people on there, they're so inspiring :)

Remember, don't get stressed out by college applications if you're doing them or school work. Find little things to make you happy and get you motivated~ believe me, it'll be worth it in the end. Until the next post (hopefully sooner than later)!