August 6, 2012

Handwriting Experimente

This is what I do in my SAT class:
It's so bad, I should be paying attention to class :P But my hand just seems to wander around the page with a pen and does whatever...Usually it's more pictures and doodles but today my hand felt like practicing my signature and trying to teach my left hand how to write. How did that go? not so well...

While I was doing this though I got this idea in my head...

trying to write cookie and g's...

What if I could teach my left hand to write, in other words be ambidextrous which would be pretty awesome, but use different lettering? Like my handwriting from my right hand would look different from my left. Is that possible? Your hand memorizes movements you continuously do but does mean your other hand would do the same movements? Once I learn how to write neatly with my left hand, would it take a similar handwriting to my right? So I'm going to try an experiment (: I'm going to teach my left hand how to write, but instead of making it look similar to my right hand's handwriting, I'm going to make it memorize slightly different ways to make the letters. I wonder if this will affect (learned the difference between affect v. effect today thanks to my SAT writing teacher Mrs. Boytim ^^) my right hand's handwriting. If it does, then I'll know that it'll be impossible to have two different handwritings and that the brain connects both hands in a way. If it doesn't, then I'll know that each hand is completely independent based on what I do with it! I think that will be pretty cool~ Let's see how it goes :D

Do you want to try this with me? Try teaching your left hand to write, but differently from your right hand. Or vice versa if you're a lefty (:

Ps. To all lefties, how do you hold your pencil? I'm confuzzled about that ;)

PSS. Here are some cute and funny pictures from the beach I found on Pinterest!

beach baby~ so funny and adorable

jumping for joy on the sand (:

time to get caffeinated!

Hoped this cheered you up!! 


  1. aww i love the beach baby picture! this experiment sounds awesome, I might try it! good luck and let us know how it goes! This is Pancakebliss by the way, they wouldn't let me log in to my account on here :P

    1. yay, you should :) aw that stinks~ but thanks for commenting on my blog! I appreciate it very much :D