August 1, 2012

Fairytales & Magic

Did you used to believe in fairytales so much that you looked for elves, fairies, unicorns, and all sorts of magical creatures in forests? Well that was me when I was younger. When my family and I went camping, I'd make tons of "fairy houses". It would basically be small branches, fallen pine needles, moss, grass, leaves, and stones put together to make a small hut. I'd make it against a stump and literally sit there for hours decorating it. And I would keep coming each day to see if a fairy came and made its little home there. At the end of the trip I'd always be disappointed but I left a cookie, just in case the fairy was late. 

I really miss that age when your imagination could just conjure and believe almost anything. There was almost a sort of magic in the world because you just didn't know that much about it. But I think there is still some magic in this world. Or things that feel magical. Like fireworks, a really expansive night sky where you can actually see the galaxy, when you're wearing a dress at night with dancing lights, love is magical, though that's really corny (:

Maybe one day I'll make another fairy house when camping just to revisit those childhood memories...

To remember that there is some magic in the world and that it's not all gone just because I'm older, here are some pictures as reminders:

All of these pictures I found through pinterest and I made a board for it~ if you want to see it, here~

Try to find some magic today (: 


  1. I believe in fairy tales too when I was a kid. mmm not now.
    but still I like fairy tales story and movie ;)

    1. movies are awesome~ I loved all the disney princesses and i still do! My favorite right now is probably tangled <3 have you watched it?

    2. yes! movies are awesome..
      but I'm not into disney princesses.. owh tangled, I knew it, but not watch it :D