August 11, 2012

Trip to Sol Levante

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great Saturday!! So far the day has been good for me~ I've rearranged the furniture in my room and it looks a lot bigger, watched a lot of Olympics of course, and Korea has been doing well!! LOL, my family and I get more worked up about Korea winning than the US x) Right now we're watching handball: Korea v. Spain, and it is INTENSE. They're in OT right now...xP I'll probably know the results at the end of this post.
Anyways, yesterday I went to the best place after my SAT class. My mom treated me out to korean shaved ice at a korean cafe called Sol Levante!! You might have heard of the k-cafe Paris Baguette. I still like that one better but Sol Lev was still nice. And they're patbingsu (shaved ice) is AMAZING ^^
What's patbingsu? THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD. Here's some pictures I took of ours:

yumyum, so delicious. Patbingsu is pretty much korean "ice cream" but really it's shaved ice with sweet condensed milk and sweet red bean sauce. That's the basic part. Then most people nowadays add lots of different fruits (above its mangoes, kiwis, pineapple, and strawberries), mochi (the sweet chewy things that Japan has, so good), and any type of ice cream on top. All that white sauce you see is the condensed milk, really sweet milk. And the reddish-brown sauce you see are the red beans. They're REALLY good, sweet too! Basically, this dish is just a sweet, yummy, delicious...
This is after we mixed it all up, still yummy but not as pretty looking :) Oh god...I want some right now

here's a spoonful! mango, kiwi, red bean, ice, mochi  
Patbingsu isn't the only thing at the cafe though! Mainly there's bread, but also there's pretty cakes and cookies! much bread.
See those little metal things in the front?  Those are..what do you call them..clampers? Anyways you take a tray or bag and use the "clampers" to grab the bread. The bread is pretty much on display on the tables, freshly baked :)
bear cookies
this is the bread we bought: some apple pie bread on the top,
mocha roll cake in the middle, and some nutty crumble bread
on the bottom
This is some of the seating: my favorite spot, the couches. They're comfy :)
Well, we finished our patbingsu! All of that deliciousness gone in a minute~ If you ever come by a korean cafe, definitely go in and eat some patbingsu or buy some bread. Patbingsu is seasonal though, only summer :(
Hope you liked all the pictures and the food!! Have a g'day peeps!

ps. the handball game is still going on, the score is so close! 


  1. yeay! Patbingsu! I knew it, it's appear so much in K-drama or k-reality show!
    did you watch k-drama or k-reality show too? I watch it a lot! XD

    I knew Paris Baguette too, kekeke..
    I wish we have many k-cafe in my city. we just have Baskin Robbins..

    my saturday was so good too! I met my senior high school's friends after graduated XD

    1. OMG I watch SO MUCH kdramas and the variety shows...too much actually. I've recently started to not watch so much so I'm trying to resist temptation >.<
      Have you watched Big? I haven't finished that one, i'm half way through, but that one is so good and cute :) I love the main actors

      Kcafes are definitely the best :) But baskin robbins isn't bad either!

      That's so nice! I'm happy for you! I hope I'll get to do that~ a reunion every week!

    2. oh and i really like running man and strong heart. Do you watch those? Sometimes I watch random shows on my tv (we get kbs streamed live onto our tv) like immortal song 2 and invincible youth~ they're so funny xD

    3. yes!! me too! I'm trying to not watch so much cause my tiring college study and bla bla bla.
      Yes I've watched BIG! I fall in love with Gongyoo!! You should finished it XD

      Isn't baskin robbins from korea?? I though it from Korea since many artist became their CFs model.

      Yay! I like running man and strong heart too. but unfortunately I didn't have much time to continue watch it again so~~ I just watch if my fav artist there..
      Just like me, I get KBS streamed too in my house.. Invicible youth is really funny XD