August 20, 2012

Day in my Life..

hi everyone, I haven't been posting much...I realized how hard it is to commit to posting often. But today I went to 2 college tours since the hectic admissions year is slowly coming my way.
We didn't take much pictures but the campuses were amazing. The college I went to were Haverford and Swarthmore, both in Pennsylvania and close to us somewhat :) I REALLY liked these colleges.. Sure I've visited Princeton, Harvard, Yale, etcetc. those Ivies, and it would be great if I got accepted, but these colleges seemed more to fit ME. I could actually imagine myself taking classes there, walking on the sidewalks, studying there. We even got to see the Swarthmore dorms and they weren't that bad. The only problem is the lack of AC :P I already experienced that in my 3 wk camp earlier this summer and it's only bearable if you have a good fan that's on most of the time and the window open. Everything else was really nice though, I wish I had pictures to show you! I think I'm really leaning towards Swarthmore, they had this awesome space called the amphitheater and it was AWESOME. It was all grassy, looked all greek and really cool. It had lots of trees too. I'm pretty sure there was one in a korean drama I watched a long time ago...maybe Boys Over Flowers? But again, it has one con that will drive me crazy. MOSQUITOES Dx WORST BUG ON EARTH. They love my blood too much, literally when the campus guide warned us about the mosquitoes I looked down at my leg and there were two already sucking my blood. Dx awful awful awful. But the rest of the campus is really nice, beautiful. It's so green and everything with lots of trees, I think that's what I like about the east coast so much compared to the west. Sure palm trees are awesome but you really get the feeling of being free in the outdoors here, you know? I live on the east coast by the way if you haven't already guessed :)
Haverford was nice as well, from the little glimpses of the campus we got. We didn't get to go on a campus tour but the information session made me like the college. I think I'll probably apply to Swarthmore as well as to Haverford. Besides they have this whole consortium thing where they and Bryn Mawr College sort of have this partnership where you can go to any one of their campuses to take classes, socialize, and even eat. It's pretty cool and they're only about 1/2 an hour away from each other.

After we got home though, I got myself some POPS cereal and zoomed upstairs to my room where I read for 3 hrs a book that I have been just addicted to. It's called Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I think it's pretty old, this is actually my 2nd time reading it, but I didn't remember it at all until one part where I was like, wait...this sounds familiar. I would definitely recommend it :) It's a really touching story about family but you also start to feel for the characters and connecting with them. The people in the book are awesome. *SPOILER ALERT* but I would love to marry the guy who is the sister's husband in there..he's so awesome x) But you wouldn't understand what I just read if you haven't read the book, so go read it!

Here are some fall pictures in preparation for school and the wonderful season. I think suddenly, strangely, unexpectedly Fall has become my favorite season. As well as winter. Maybe its just the holidays. Anyways, here you go!

perfect for halloween~ i love candy corn
pumpkin snickerdoodles <3 I'll probably post a recipe of this later
caramel apples! P:
i am so making this b/c its so awesome. HP ! <3
socks! My fall thing <3

when Starbucks comes out with Pumpkin Spice Coffee, that's when my Fall truly starts :)
pumpkin monkey bread :) Maybe I'll post the recipe later
really, I just love the colors of Fall! So bright and cheery and warm~ Plus I think its the food that makes me like Fall so much too~ pumpkin pie and my god Thanksgiving is the best!! xD
Have a good first day of school everyone and a wonderful first day of Fall! (Sept 20 i think? possibly :)


  1. i love fall too!
    Long time no read your post Grace. so, you will take Swarthmore right?
    I wish you could take many pictures XD

    visit my blog ♥

  2. I think I might go to Swarthmore..possibly :)
    same..i wish I could have
    thanks for reading my post!