August 25, 2012

Awesome Pictures from "The Atlantic"

I came across some amazing pictures on the web from the magazine The Atlantic's website. They look out of this world but all of them were taken somewhere on this planet.
Here are some of my favorites:
"A streetcar in New Orleans traveling back towards The Quarter on St.Charles Ave. I held the camera against the window sill, making sure to divide the image equally between the inside and the outside." (© Don Chamblee)
"This image captures almost 6 hours of climbing parties on Rainier going for the summit under starry skies. Wind shifts during the night would cause bands of smoke from fires 100 miles away on MT Hood to pass over Rainier. This intermittent low-level haze caused the red glow seen in the sky and a Rainier that looks like it was almost painted on. Lights from Sunrise can be seen in the lower right of the frame." (© Chris Morin)
"Rare and endangered Australian Sea Lions (Neophoca cinerea) swim and play in the shallows of Hopkins Island, South Australia." (© Michael Patrick O'Neill) 

"Morning light breaking through the windows of the 'Temple of Transition' during the Burning Man event 2011." (© Lars Tiemann)
"This image was taken in wintertime in an arid area of the Canadian Rockies. Temperatures were below 30degrees Celsius, yet because there was no snow fall the surface of the lake was uncovered allowing me to see and capture the bubbles (gas release from the lake bed) that were trapped in the frozen waters." (© Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris)
"One morning while on the Big Island of Hawaii, I was exploring my surroundings to see if I could find something to photograph. I almost went back inside when something on this huge palm tree leaf caught my eye. I stayed around and it was this little gecko, startled by my presence he was hidden between the ridges of the leaf. He would pop his head up periodically to check his surroundings; as soon as he saw I was still there he would hide again. We played this game for a while until I got the shot." (© Lorenzo Menendez)
"Flight of an Eagle owl Photo by Mark Bridger A large adult eagle owl in flight." (© Mark Bridger)
"This photo was taken in the Upper Antelope Canyon near Page (AZ) and it shows the amazing effect of the sand thrown in the air and struck by the rays of the sun." (© Angiolo Manetti)
For all of the pictures, click this link

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