August 30, 2012


You know what? I really want to learn how to crochet. I could've taught myself this summer but summer is literally over...I start school next Thurs -- a week away! But when I was younger, my grandmother taught me to knit. I loved it but when I got older I really wanted to make cute little things like amigurumi but for some reason, even though they can be knitted, a lot of people only crochet amigurumi. Me with my poor knitting needles, we were being discriminated against. I think I was really determined to knit amigurumi so I never got around to maybe actually learning to crochet...Well that desire is back and I blame pinterest. Seeing all the adorable little crocheted things, I'm really feeling an urge to go to Michaels and buying a boat load of yarn and a crochet needle. 

creds to original creators~~i wish you were still on the internet
Look at all this cuteness!! I especially love the pink panda, winter penguin, hamburger, white bear, and little dragon, but they are all so cute. I really want to make them soon. Sadly though, many of these are from blogs that don't exist anymore so I can't even really credit them or get the patterns :( Maybe once I'm really good I can make my own patterns? Who knows, I have to learn how to crochet first!

Have you crocheted before? What are some of your creations or patterns?
ps. wondering where I've been? Wait for my next post! I'll explain :) (hint: lots and lots of colleges)

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