August 14, 2012

Fall Hard for Keds: green!

um wow. So I am literally shocked right now and because of that I've spent literally all morning on the internet...on polyvore. I got added to their top sets!! It's so amazing, I was not expecting that xD It's nice to know that I'm doing well though~ I look back on my past sets from when I first joined (only 12 days ago!!) and they're so different to what I do now. Here's the set that got posted to Polyvore's top sets:

Fall Hard for Keds: green!

It was initially for one of their contests....maybe I'll win now?? That would be amazing, but I won't get my hopes up. It's enough for me to be even on top sets....just wow. Well what do you think? Is it really that good? Personally, I just love the sweater and the backpack~ and the sneakers are just awesome. Tell me what you think!

1 comment :

  1. cool Grace!
    good luck! I hope you'll win too XD

    I personally love the sweater too hehe