August 3, 2012

polyvore again..Neutral! and Berry!

berry gold

I attempted at being fashionable again folks..Well here's "my style" as the template puts it. I really like these clothes and the berry color of the pants is really pretty. I love the shirt, pants, shoes, but the earrings I'm not sure about. I just put them on because I thought they looked nice and it balanced out the equation: black shoes, neutral shirt & then the earrings are gold/neutral-ish and black. I like balancing stuff like that :) and the pants are like, awesome. They're supposed to be really soft and comfy but since you can't wear them through the internet...gotta trust the reviews :)

I really like the shirt and pants though...I should go find them in stores.. :)

Tell me what you think about these items! & thanks for bearing through another one of my posts :)


  1. love the color! the berry color and white shirt match each other ;) hehe
    thanks for your comment in my blog grace lee..

    it would be nice if we can follow each other ;)

    1. thanks for checking out my blog!! you have no idea how happy I was x)
      I added you to the list of blogs I'm following~ that would be great :)

    2. thanks Grace! hehe.. I was so happy too when I read your sweet comments..
      I love your blog, your posts are unique cause I love diy things too hehe

    3. aw thanks :) I love diy, but actually making them is tough x)

    4. yeah, they're tough. but worth to try! hehe