August 1, 2012

ToBe or NotToBe a Doctor ??

It's something I think I might become..a medical doctor. Why? Because 1. it's a safe job. people are always getting sick, so they always need doctors 2. it's a hands-on job and you're constantly busy...sometimes too busy 3. you get to help people get better! who wouldn't love that?? and 4. you get paid a lot on your first paycheck (: there's my greedy side coming out... but where did I learn this fact? From my SAT teacher, Mr. Pak, at the Accel hagwon (literally means school for those who aren't korean) I take SAT classes at. During class he always goes off topic and starts talking about his college life, college essays, collages, and poop. Yes poop. He makes analogies for studying hard with poop. .... Trust me, he's still a good teacher. Anyways, he told us today that, "not to dissuade us from becoming medical doctors" (b/c half of us raised our hands. psht asians) but doctors literally have no life for some period of time.. Well what does that mean? He started explaining how his brother is a doctor, his sister is a doctor, his other brother is a doctor, etcetc. and how they all say they had no life for about EIGHTEEN YEARS. Apparently this is how it goes:
  • 18yrs - enter college -- 4 yrs
  • 22yrs - med school -- 4 yrs
  • 26yrs - intern -- 5 yrs
  • 31yrs - resident -- 4 yrs
  • 35yrs - job as doctor. finally
  • 36yrs - first paycheck! **$1,703**

    I probably messed up somewhere there, but you get the gist. The first paycheck is huge ! (hopefully it's not the wrong amount, for some reason I have really bad sense for distance and money) but I think it's a
    GINORMOUS amount compared to other jobs' first paychecks. But look at how long you must study and work like crazy. Mr. Pak said that his brother told him that, when he gets freedom or while he's not in the hospital working, he must study more. It's insane. There's just so much a doctor has to know and memorize. They literally have to go up to a patient, and according to a few symptoms the patient might say, the doctor has to put it all together and come up with a diagnosis from the millions of diseases out there! I don't know how they lived while studying like crazy, I don't know how I'll live if I decide to become a doctor :O It's going to be TOUGH. But I think I still might do it cause it will probably be worth it in the end! Plus I'll be a whole lot smarter :) I still have time to think of my career interest...but doctor just might be it. Anyone have any experience of being a doctor or any thoughts?
! There's no picture on this post! Here's one just for the sake of it:

i die a little bit inside.. ^^


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