August 6, 2012

Monday Morning Thoughts

It's only the morning and I have so many thoughts in my head! It hasn't been a good start to the day but hopefully it'll become a happy one :) 

Anyways, here are some of my thoughts...

I'm taking SAT classes right now but this morning I woke up and just felt AWFUL. Sore throat and stomachache... I got dressed and everything, took some motrin, gargled some salt water (and that was not pleasant :(), but I still felt really sick and my throat burned something awful. I stayed home but my dad told me something before he left for work that really made me think. He said that if everyone stayed at home when he/she felt sick, nothing in this world would get done. You must force yourself to do what you have to do and believe you can do it. Most of the time even, when you don't feel your best, you feel much better once you're outside and working. He said he has had times when he woke up and felt awful, but once he dragged himself to work and started doing things, he felt better. We as humans have the ability to bear through things so we should use that ability and get things accomplished, make our dreams become true.
I actually missed a lot of school last year because of illnesses. Some really major but I have to admit there were some minor things I could have gone through school with :/ It's really hard to push yourself to do something when you feel like you can't. My throat still feels awful and since I dumbly drank some benedryl too, I feel drowsy :( But I know what my dad means. You can feel so much better when you're around other people, especially your friends. They cheer you up! And I think there's something about doing things, learning, being active that just wakes up your mind and says we're going to ignore this pain and let you do what you have to do. And in order for me to accomplish my goals, my dreams, I must bear through it all. I promised myself today that this will be the last day when I let sickness overtake me. If I feel a little sick, that won't be enough to stop me from doing what I have to do. And if I really end up being seriously sick, then I can just go home! My mom and dad have always said to call them if I seriously don't feel good; they will always come out of work to take care of me <3 I have lovely parents ^^ 
So has this ever happened to you? I feel really lazy staying at home like this, not going to class. Do you have any tips for getting through extreme laziness or sicknesses? What would you do if you felt sick but still went to school or work?

Some more thoughts on other random things, I think my next post will be a movie review of a korean movie I watched last night with my friends. We randomly found it on netflix but I heard of the movie before, so has my friend. It's called Silenced or The Crucible. Heard of it? It's a movie that brought major awareness of abuse of minors and the impaired in some korean schools. It takes place at a deaf school where children are being sexually molested and two amazing people are trying to bring the offenders to justice. The topic is very serious and the movie is made to bring out the i-hate-these-bad-people-and-want-to-do-something-about-it feeling in you. It's a really serious movie, sometimes almost scary! But it was still good, I guess because of the goal of the movie and its purpose. It definitely moved me. But more of this on a movie review post! You may read it if you think you'll find some interest, but if you're feeling happy at the moment, I would recommend it for later.

Also I finally watched Thor! FINALLY. I love superhero movies and Thor is pretty much the only one I haven't watched xD you underline movie titles? Random question but back to Thor. It was a lot, LOT shorter than I thought it would be. And a lot less action-y. But whatever, I love superheroes and that is enough for me. Natalie Portman is in it too and I love her! And I can see why everyone loves Tom Hiddleston. He's good :) But what I forget is {spoiler!} if the bridge to Earth is broken, how does Thor come back in The Avengers? I totally forget that part. Anyways, Chris Hemsworth has pretty eyes :) So blue!! The second Thor movie is coming out next year too! It's called Thor: The Dark World. I am DEFINITELY seeing that~ you should see it too! Who's your favorite superhero?? (I love all of them so I can't choose! AH)

Final thought of this monday morning :) I've been looking at other people's blog (they're all so wonderful!) and they all have little pictures. Like a thumbnail that represents their blog. I'm jelly, I wish I could have one too x3 So I'm thinking I should make one soon...I searched 'choose happiness' on google for some ideas, here they are:

I'll have a thumbnail some day! Which idea do you like the best?

Here are some quotes to the end the post with :) Hope you have a happy day!!

I thought this was cute ^^ Is there actually an exit like this?

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