August 16, 2012

Meet my new Big Brother, Benjamin

Yesterday was a food shopping day with my mom. I always call an event, if it's with only me and my mom, mother~duaghter bonding time ^ ^ and the added bonus was the food :D &&&! My mom got me a big stuffed teddy (i think they call him "Costco Bear", oh yeah, we went to Costco and Wegmans) that I've been wanting since last year! Here's our little excursion:

free samples :) nacho chips w/ salsa. pretty yummy
sharpies!!!! YES
Wegmans has these new things called baby cakes? $6, they look pretty cute :)
i like this baby cake
wegmans fruit P: I want watermelon~~ my favorite fruit<3
bread we were going to get...but look so yummy
BENJAMIN! my new big brother :) He's helping us carry kettle corn, yum <3
Isn't he huge!! I put on his seatbelt for him, but he can hardly fit in the car!
home sweet home <3 I didn't think he was that big... and so heavy!
yup that's me, literally still in my bed clothes and everything :P ignore my face
big brother Benjamin sitting in the chair...he's going to have to lose some pounds!
I'll put him on my exercising regime :)
"hello! my name is benjamin! i think you'll be seeing more of me!"
bye everyone! Have a g'day! ^o^


  1. Kyaaaaaa! Cute bear! I want one! I want the biggest one like yours!
    My only and big doll just a teddy bear with about 60cms, and it's an old one, Dad bought it when I was 7 yo and it's still look new XD Even it's not big, I still love it!

  2. he is HUGE. right now he's in my room lying down in front of my bed. I use his belly as a pillow when I'm reading x)
    aw that's so sweet! I have a teddy bear from when I was young too. Her name is Ruby and I literally almost stole her from a store when I was 2. There's a lot of things I've been through with her :) i love stuffed animals!