August 6, 2012

DIY: The Rainbow Edition

Going on to Pinterest is literally my inspiration. These days I've been finding so many DIY projects that are a must do!! But these four projects have something in common; they all involve the colors of the rainbow :) Here they are!
thank you photovisi for letting me make this collage!
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Origami Crane Mobile

creds to a piece of kate's
Cranes of all colors of the rainbow! I love how they're all different shades. You can find the full how-to here. You can use as many cranes you want, even of different sizes and colors (make a shades of pink or purple one, or the rainbow!)

What You Need:

origami paper (different colors if preferable)
hoop (of some sort: Kate used an embroidery hoop)
hot glue
yarn (any color, white is used in the picture above)
thread (again any color, but white is used above)

1. First make however many cranes you want. I recommend doing this while watching a movie or at least listening to music while you're folding lots and lots of paper x)
2. Poke a hole in each origami crane in the very tips of its back. Or you could maybe put the hole in its head (that sounds more vulgar than I wanted it too) or maybe through its tail or wing so it can look like they're all flying!
3. Wrap the hoop in your yarn. As you wrap, dot some hot glue every so often to keep the yarn in place.
4. Pull the thread through each hole in the cranes and tie it to the hoop. Once you have spaced everything, glue all the threads to the hoop with a dot of hot glue.
& you're done! Now hang it up in your room, library, anywhere and watch it twirl in rainbow colors :)

Rainbow Yarn Balloon Decorations

creds to juciy-bits

You can make these for parties, home decor, or just for fun! It's very simple to do~ and look! The colors of the rainbow :)

What You Need:
balloons (doesn't matter what color)
colored thin cotton yarn
craft glue
waxed paper
clothes hanger

1. From your yarn, cut 20 pieces of 3ft long strands. Blow up a balloon however large or small you would like. Then next mix equal parts of water and glue in a disposable container.
2. Cover your work area with first newspaper than wax paper over top (this keeps the glue easy to peel off). While holding one end a strand of yarn, dip the other into the glue mixture and wrap it around the balloon. Continue to do this with the other strands, randomly wrapping, tucking, and overlapping until the balloon is mostly covered.
3. Use the clothespin to keep the balloon from the ground and pinned to a clothes hanger. Dry overnight (be careful of drips! so cover area below with newspaper :)
4. Once the glue is completely dry, gently poke your balloon to ease the air out while pulling it away from the string as it deflates. 
5. Finally hang your balloon yarn ornament with ribbon! Wah-lah! Finished!
{full tutorial here}

Rainbow Leaf Art

Once you make this pretty design you can frame it and hang it in your room, or just do this as a fun craft with kids if you're babysitting or anything :)

What You Need:
leaves (big or small, I think bigger the better :)
acrylic paint (colors of the rainbow, one color, etc.)
old, heavy book or any heavy item

1. Working over a protected work area, paint your leaf with the colors you desire. It can be rainbow colored like the picture above or use any color that your heart so desires :)
2. Gently flip painted leaf face down on a clean sheet of paper. Lay heavy book or item on top of it and wait a few seconds. Press down on the book/item for a little more infusion of color.
3. Lift up book and gently peel back the leaf. There on the paper you should see a print of the leaf in all the different colors you painted it! Marvel in your good work!
Note: Silver, Gold, & Shiny/Glittery paint would look cool on black paper!

Rainbow Melted Crayon Art

Melting crayons...who would've guessed! But the outcome is amazing and its fun to do! I don't know about the smell though...does it smell? :P

What You Need:
many many CRAYOLA* crayons (preferably all the different colors of the rainbow)
hair dryer
hot glue gun
small/medium/large paint canvas
*crayola crayons seem to work best for this project

1. Pick all the colors you will like to use and line them along your canvas. Make sure all space is taken.
2. Use a glue gun to stick each crayon to the canvas. Put one long line of glue along each crayon, from top to bottom. Remember, the crayons are part of the finished product! Place each crayon pointing downwards on the canvas.
3. Now its time to melt! Cover the ground and walls with newspaper b/c wax will splatter. Experiment with your hair dryer. Put it on high & warm settings & low to see which works better. Different kinds of hair dryers will work differently on this project.
4. Concentrate on one area at a time, waiting for the canvas to look how you want it. Each section will probably take around 5-10 min. It's a LONG process.
5. More specifically about the hair dryer, aim the heat right at the mid to bottom of the crayons (where the tips are) and once the wax starts melting, move the dryer around to prevent splattering and to keep the wax traveling straight down the canvas. The entire melting process will probably take 50-60 min. Different colors will melt at different speeds! (chemistry :)
6. After all the crayons have generally melted, you can go back and do touchups. If you want the wax to spread sown a little more, add some more heat to that area.
{full tutorial here}

And that's the end of my discovered Rainbow DIY projects! Hope you liked them and will try them! Tell me about how it went or send me a picture of your project ^^ Thanks for reading and commenting on my post! 

ps. my soon to come version of the scrapbook of letters project I posted earlier about is about to come! wait for it! ^^

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