August 2, 2012

Korean Cakes & Olympics!!

I'm really in a cake-y mood right now...and what I really want is a korean cake.

1. They're so pretty

2. They almost always have fruit in sugar glaze :)
3. They're not too sweet, not too bland, they're    perfection !
These are Paris Baguette cakes~ Paris Baguette is a korean cafe and you can find them in America! They're actually pretty popular I think.
They sell bread (๋นต), cakes, ice cream, coffee, it's so nice in there. The sitting area is really comfortable and each branch differs from each other. 
I actually only have had a Paris Baguette cake ONCE in my's sad. The only bad thing about these cakes is that they're expensive. Like $40-$50 !! Sighs. 
I need to bake myself one! I will, maybe, someday~

Well I'm still in a cake-y mood. I need sweets >.< Maybe the olympics will distract me! Gabby Douglas is competing soon for the All Around and I'm so excited!!!!!! She's definitely going to be one of the gymnasts in the running for the gold...I can't wait to see her routines again and I pray she sticks all of them! She's so good anyways though, there probably won't be any mistakes x) Does anyone else get really nervous though when watching them do all their routines??? I get so nervous and stressed just watching them do all their flips and turns and everything. Just think of how much practice they have to put in just to be close to perfect, yet you can still make mistakes because it's just THAT hard. And they're all 16 or 17, my age!! It's crazy, I really need to learn to work hard like them and be really motivated to achieve my dreams.

Go Gabby & Aly!!! Go for the Gold!!

Gabby Douglas makes history, being the first African-American to win a gold medal :) I'm so happy for her and I seriously can't believe she's 16. That's my age!!

She made it onto cereal boxes! Just like
Shawn Johnson (:
GOLD!! (douglas = usa gold :)




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