August 5, 2012

Haul from TJMaxx

I haven't been shopping in a loooong time. I've had camp since the beginning of summer and literally the day I got back I had to start SAT classes three times a week :P But I finally got to go to TJMaxx for a little bit~ it was mainly for buying presents (two sweet 16's this weekend!!) but I also got some stuff for myself! Here's all of them :)

picture frame my mom got for me~ i love frames,
they store all my pictures!
look how pretty the flowers are!
set of post it notes and pen for my friend
another set of post it notes and pen for my other friend
my new converse all stars  ♥ multi-colored! 

This is a present for one of my friends (we get weird
presents for each other x)~ Youput the toast top thing on a
frying pan and then crack an egg in it~ you end up with a
toast-shaped egg!good for egg sandwiches :)
bright orange sports bra and pink shirt~ my new friends for running and tennis (:

These are the 3 necklaces I got~ The first two are pretty much
the same, different colors and the last one is a cluster of charms
at the bottom

mythologie...branch of anthropologie?
This is the one out of the 3 I kept~ it's purple!

This is from the first party I went to on Saturday! We did not take the best pictures but it was a lot of fun x)

why did we take a picture with the toilets sign? Look at what
he's pointing at x)

Hope you're having a good weekend!!


  1. wow! the flowers on the frame are so pretty!
    nice converse hehe, I like the colors!

    I want the toast shaped egg too! it's cute!

    and you look pretty with your dress Grace Lee ;)
    visit my blog ♥