August 4, 2012

Time to Get Fit for Sports!

I play tennis on my high school tennis team...and I've never actually been in the best shape when the season starts. I'm hoping this year it'll be different.
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I actually just had a tennis lesson! It's so humid out and I was sweating buckets but I did well today. And I was talking to my teacher/coach/whatever you want to call him, Kevin, and he gave me some things to do to be fit for tennis :) Try them with me! I don't know if it will help with actually playing your sport but it will definitely get you into shape!

  1. Interval Training

This is actually supposed to help with my game. When you play out a point in tennis you're pretty much sprinting to each ball and you have to be fast. But each point only lasts seconds, and once its over you pretty much walk to get the ball, walk back to your spot, talk to your doubles partner if you're playing doubles, and just set yourself up to play the next point. It's really slow paced. But then once the point starts again, it's fast!
So this interval training, mainly done on the treadmill but you can do it outside, its helping you to be able to sprint! then walk then suddenly sprint again. This is what you should do:
  • Sprint (or walk), 30 sec. - it doesn't really matter which one you do first as long as you alternate it. I Sprint first because I feel that if I walk, I'll just want to walk the entire thing :)
    • Treadmill - my treadmill give me quick speeds I do 8 out of 10. I'm guessing that's mi/hr?
    • Outdoors - just run as fast as you can!
  • Walk (or sprint), 30 sec. - again depending on what you did first, do the other one this second interval. 
    • Treadmill - around 3-4 mi/hr
    • Outdoors - easy walk, slow down your breathing and heart :)
This is pretty much all you do! If you 10 intervals every other day, you should be in pretty good shape by 2 wks~ But if this is new to you, you should start at 5 intervals per day. Gradually increase it day by day. I'm still at 5 intervals (have been for about a wk) but tomorrow I should be doing 7!
Another important  point is to also vary up the times and speeds. Maybe you sprint for 30 sec but then walk for 15. Or maybe spring for 15 and walk 15. The tennis game isn't constant, it will change up. So to prepare your body for that you should definitely vary the speeds. One method Kevin told me about is sprint 5 sec, walk 5, sprint 10, walk 10, sprint 15, walk 15, etc. etc. This will help your body work harder, burn fat, burn calories, and make you fit!

  1. Two-mile Run
Once pre-season practice starts, our coaches are going to be testing us on our running. We have to run 2 mi in at most 1 mi under 10 min. I'm definitely not the best runner. I'm slow and I have pretty low endurance. But hopefully this training will help me in the last two wks I have before practice starts. 

The First Day: run 2 mi at your own pace and see how long it takes you. Try to run most of it and go at a good steady pace. Make sure you make note of your time so you know how much you should improve to be under 20 min or however many minutes. 

The Second Day: run 2 mi, again at a good pace, but try to speed up slightly. Aim to improve your time by at least 30 sec to a min. If you're an over achiever (like me :) go for even more improvement like 2 min! But don't push yourself too hard, you don't want to feel too tired the next day so that you don't want to run. That's where I've failed a lot :(

The Third Day: Try to make the 2 mi under your time limit today. Still go at a steady pace but slightly faster than normal. You can still walk or jog a little but try to make your time under 20 min or your time limit. 

The Fourth Day: run 2 mi at your own pace and see how long it takes you, just like the first day! Are you slightly faster? As long as your time improves, even just by the slightest bit, you're on the right track :) Plus running 4 days straight is hard! Consistency is really really hard to maintain, so give yourself a treat! Eat Ice Cream!! :D 

Doing this training outdoors would probably be the best. You can do it on the treadmill but it's a little harder to find your own pace and vary up the speeds. But if it's really too hot and humid out (like today :P) then use the treadmill. You only have to do this training at most every other day too. You don't have to do it everyday. Maybe alternate with the interval training :)

By 2 wks, you should be feeling better and be able to run at least a little faster and longer. Tell how you do! I'll be doing this probably for the rest of the summer :) Good Luck!!

Olympics Update:
It's tennis time now! Serena Williams defeated Sharapova in a little more than an hr, 2 sets, 6-0 & 6-1 or 2. It's her first gold singles medal and she was so happy. She even did a little happy dance~ that was a sight to see x)
S. Williams is the second woman to achieve 4 titles and a gold medal. She was really pushing Sharapova! The ball was going to the far right, far left and Sharapova had to keep on sprinting, but she returned a lot which was really impressive. The final two points, Serena won by ace serves. They were amazing and so fast :) 

Here's a brief article about Serena's win and a short interview afterwards. She was so happy during it and totally blown by her achievement (x

Time for the mens tennis singles tomorrow and maybe Roger Federer can be the third man to have 4 titles and a gold singles medal!

*Update* during the awards ceremony for Women's Single Tennis, the American flag blew away as the anthem was playing! Haha, it's windy over there :)

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