August 8, 2012

Rice Krispie Kisses

These are the cutest treats ever! And really simple to make for gifts, lunch, and even just a snack for you right now.

All You Need is:
Rice Krispie Treats (homemade recipe below)
Tin Foil (opt.)
Slip of Paper with message (opt.)

RKT recipe:
 - 4 cups (1lb bag) of rice krispie cereal
 - 5 cups (16 oz bag) of mini marshmallows
 - 1/4 cup butter or vegatable oil


 1. Melt the butter thoroughlyin a medium sized pot, then dump in marshmallows
 2. Keep mixing until the marshmallows melt and no longer have shape.
 3. Add rice krispie cereal
 4. Stir quickly to make sure all the cereal gets covered in marshmallow.'re done!

Instructions for RK Kisses
1. If you're using Rice Krispie Treats from the store, break them up and pack them into your funnel until its full. Or for the homemade Rice Krispie, just pack it in tightly until the funnel is full.
2. Put in fridge for about 5-10 min for it to harden slightly. This makes it easier to get it out of the funnel without breaking. 

3. Gently with a fork (or chopstick, what I used) separate the edge of the funnel and rice krispie and gradually take out the entire Rice Krispie. It's okay if it breaks a little, you can fix it once it's all out.
[You can eat it now if you like]
4. If your Rice Krispie Kiss needs some touch-ups, add some rice krispie mix or pack it more tightly. If you want, you can also round the bottom to make it look more like a Hershey kiss. 
[or eat it now :]
5. For gifts and packaging, put the Rice Krispie Kiss onto a square piece of tin foil (size depending on size of RK Kiss) and place a bit of the end of the slip of paper with your message underneath your treat and raise it as you fold the tin foil up and around the RK Kiss. 
Now you're done! You're Rice Krispie Kiss is ready for being given to a friend or family member or ready to be munched on by the maker :) Enjoy!

This recipe is not mine. Sadly. Adapted from a pin on Pinterest. Creds to the original maker!

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