August 3, 2012

Ice Cream Balloons!

This is the cutest idea!! ~ice cream balloons! I must make these for my friend's mini sweet 16 party this sunday! I love it 
ice cream balloons!!
The how to from the link is the blogger's take on a picture from pinterest~ I really don't think these are hard to make. So take a chance and try to make them on your own! I would first, get some pastel colored balloons, then some light brown cardboard paper; roll the paper into a cone shape, tape it; attach string to the end of the balloon, put end of string through tip of cone and wah~lah! Your ice cream balloon :) 

You could probably, most definitely decorate it too. Paste or tape different colors of circles you punched out with a hole puncher or use some dark brown felt to make syrup. I don't know if it would stay up, something to try out :) 
The next question is, do you think you could make a sundae? Triple/Double-scoop cone? Banana split? Time to get creative ^^


  1. whoaaaa..
    I love ice cream and balloons too!!
    such an awesome ice cream balloons!
    I wanna some and will make it to maybe for my next photo shoot kekeke

    1. haha ice cream is my weaknes ;)
      can't wait to see it!!

    2. hehe, you should try to make it too! XD

    3. I think I am tomorrow for my friend's birthday xD excitedd~

    4. I'll wait. then show me with your blog's post ;)