August 8, 2012

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Hi everyone!! It's been weird today not spending all my time on gmail, pinterest, blogspot, & other random things you can do on the internet :P Instead I was studying hard in my SAT class! ...right... My last post about the handwriting experimente gives you a good idea of what I actually do...didn't get to do any left hand writing today though. Friday is my last class and I'm so happy...I just have to get good scores on the final tests xP The studying and homework is not over -.-
This post will be pretty much fluff :3 Read the fluffiness below ~

But for a cheer-me-up, those who don't know what PoD is, it's the Picture of the Day! I found one today online, it wasn't taken by me. Actually it's not really an actual picture at all :3 the H in front of the PoD stands for happy :) So today's picture is going to be a happy picture!!! Here ya go:

some of my favorite things~ coffee & books :)
What makes you happy?

Random Links
Humans of New York
This is probably the most interesting photography blog I have ever seen. It is seriously awesome. The photographer/blogger is so creative with his pictures (they're all of people, but some are VERY interesting :) & his captions! His little notes on the bottoms of the pictures make my day :D Here are some of my favorites~
She's just fixin' her melon.
These guys were default league champions because all the other teams forfeited out of fear.
It's tough out there alone.
Let's hope HIS name is Ken, and not his barber's.
Everything in moderation, including moderation.
To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
"May I take your photo? You look beautiful."
"OK, just make sure you can see the bag."
"Oh, I didn't realize you were advertising something."
"Isn't everything beautiful advertising something?"
The painter heard me laughing, and without looking down, said: "Boogie's looking at you sideways, isn't he?"
"You're all going to be famous!"
I had to stop myself from putting more!! They're all amazing, creative, and funny. All thanks to A Cup of Joe who shared this on her blog :)

Another random link...if you go on this, it will help the world...: FreeRice
If you're bored but still want to be productive, go on this link. It's literally an english quiz, asking you what certain words mean (it's really really easy, ex: penny------answer: cent). And for each question you get right the website will donate 10 grains of rice to the World Hunger Programme to fight world hunger. That's actually a lot more than it sounds because the questions are so easy!!! I got 100,000 grains before I stopped. I didn't even get one wrong...and I was really bored :P Play some!! It'll be one little step in helping the world :)

Olympic News:
Ally Raisman gets the bronze and gold!! So amazing!! She just squeezed in a bronze medal on the beam and performed perfection on the floor :) Her movements were so graceful and effortless. It was probably the best day of her life. 

Finished my scrapbook of letters!! It turned out way better than I expected and the post will be coming soon!!
Also, I spent yesterday making some origami boxes and things. Some of them were pretty cool (well as cool as boxes can get :) I'll post some tutorials and pictures of them.

Hope you guys are having a good day~ mine's nearly over..just need to go and watch more olympics!! (volleyball!!!)
Be Happy everyone! 

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