December 10, 2013

First Snow Fall + Winter!

It's been exactly two months since my last blog post. I guess I'm slowly improving in a way...

But what's more important is that I have finally gotten a Canon EOS Rebel t3i DSLR camera!!! I have been saving for this ever since my sixteenth birthday, which is when I got a ton of checks for a lot of hundreds of dollars. All of that dough has been sitting in my special little savings box waiting to be spent on my new beauty. 

my new baby, taken with the iPhone

I haven't really talked about it in this blog, but one of my obsessions is photography. My first camera was one of those disposable ones that you could buy at an amusement park, then I got this Disney themed one for my ninth birthday which I was obsessed with. Overall, I've had a lot of cameras: point and shoots, one polaroid, and a couple of old film ones my parents had when they were in college. I even used my iPhone 4 for awhile to take pictures to post on instagram. But my dream was to buy one of those big bulky cameras with the lens that you could take off and change and with the high resolution that I would die to have. Black friday came and along with it, my camera. I got it from for a $700 bundle deal that had about a $1300 value. It came with a camera bag, DVD instruction, another lens (I think it's longer), memory card, a cable cord to plug into the TV, camera strap, and battery charger. I haven't stopped taking pictures with it ever since it came in the mail about a week ago, and because the first snow just landed in my town, I've been out in the freezing cold trying to take pictures. 

That's mainly what this post is going to be for, me sharing my pictures taken with my new camera. I hope you are all enjoying your Decembers, winters, and, if you had it, your first snow fall. Tell me what you think about my pictures! 

the Lee family wreath. not fancy or flashy, just cozy.

chocolate oatmeal cranberry cookies i made on a cold day

before the snow fell...

...and after the snow dusted the ground

the colors and white are brilliant

broken orange pot that's been there forever

pine trees & snow. the perfect winter combination

everything looks prettier with snow

a bare branch, beautified.

blueberry pound cake my mom baked

can't have winter without hot chocolate! (&my squirrel mug)

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